The Network for Women in Business presents the...

10th Annual
Small Business Boot Camp for Women

Theme: Wealth Mastery

3-Day Event Nov. 17th - 19th
7pm -9pm EST (each night)

"In 2020 I made more money than any other year, that was until 2021 where I am currently knocking it out of the park! Join me at this year's Boot Camp event where I will spill tea by teaching you how to do what I do."

Toni Coleman Brown

Founder, The Network for Women in Business & Entrepreneur Success University

An Open Letter to Female Entrepreneurs:

10 years ago I launched the first Annual Small Business Boot Camp for Women to help women like you to grow their businesses.  Truth be told, I was scared.  And while I knew what I was doing back then, it pales in comparison to what I know now.

The theme of the first event was Social Media Mastery.  It took place LIVE at SLC Conference Center in Manhattan.  The room was packed. It was amazing!  But things have changed and social media is not what it used to be. I have a new way of doing social media and this year I will give you my new course (Social Media Done Right to Save You Time and $$) as a bonus when you register

The Boot Camp has gotten better and better each year.  We've gone from New York City to New Jersey to New Rochelle.  Last year we went virtual because of the pandemic and it was still BOMB.  This year will also be virtual and it is going to be the best one yet because I am going to reveal my revenue generating and money mindset secrets.

The theme for this year's event is Wealth Mastery and you should register now because I am going to teach you how to make money sharing your knowledge, how to make money by writing a book and how to make make money by releasing the strongholds that are blocking you from your financial blessings (which was a biggie for me this year). 

I've learned so much about business over the past 10 years. Now I want to mentor and teach you what I know so you can learn from my mistakes and triumph from my wins!

Let's face it, being in business can be a roller coaster ride.  One day it can be up, and another day it can go down.  To get your business to continuously go up takes continuous learning and massive action.

Now is the time to take that action. Don't wait, get your early-bird ticket right now for only $49.95!  At the end of the month the ticket rate goes up to $99.95.  This is a steal of a deal.

On the fence? I have a question for you...

Do you believe in paying for high-ticket coaching? I didn't believe in it either.  Until I discovered that this belief that I manufactured in my head was a HUGE money block for me.

So I found the right coach and paid him almost $10K to work with me for three months.  And you know what happened as a result? I made more than 5 times that money back in less than a year.  I also realized that paying the money was not about the coach, it was about ME. 

It was about my struggle with worthiness and cultural strongholds that were keeping me from the financial blessings I deserved.  That's exactly why I included it as a part of this year's agenda. I now know that I was worth that investment and you are worth the investing in yourself too.

So don't do what most people do, which is...they procrastinate, they struggle and then they wonder why they fail.  Take action!  Purchase your ticket, block out the time on your calendar and show up each day ready to learn.

I can't wait to see you at the Boot Camp,

With your success in mind,

Toni Coleman Brown

Here is what you will learn over 3- nights!

Night 01 - Nov. 17th

How to Make Money Using Your Knowledge

Discover how to take what you know and turn it into a profitable digital product. You will learn how to take our knowledge and package it into something that you can sell it like crazy.  Learn how to monetize your knowledge and get paid for what you know.

Night 02 - Nov. 18th

How to Make Money by Writing a Book

Having a bestselling book can help you generate more income by positioning you as an expert in your field. In this session you will learn how to make money by writing a book.   When you add "bestselling author" to your bio, it changes things.  Also discover our secrets for getting your book out of your head FAST!

Night 03 - Nov. 19th

Conquer Strongholds That Are Blocking You from Money

You have strongholds that are holding you back. Whether it's constantly thinking that you don't deserve certain things, to carrying around a mindset that something is overpriced.  These limiting beliefs are holding you back.  In this final night of the Boot Camp, you will learn how to break free from limiting beliefs, mindsets and cultural strongholds that are keeping you from the financial blessings you deserve.

Meet Our Experts

Toni Coleman Brown

Toni is the Founder of the Network for Women in Business and Entrepreneur Success University. She has trained thousands of entrepreneurs in digital, social media marketing and more.  She has successfully learned how to monetize her knowledge and more than 5x'd her income during the pandemic working part time and will teach you how to do the same!

Chikeola Karimou

Chikeola is the owner of Soul Beauty Living and Soul Delights Interiors.  As a Mentor and a Coach, Chikeola will help you to break cultural strongholds that are keeping you from your financial blessings.  If you're looking for Beautiful Breakthroughs to help you make a quantum leap in your business and life, then you will get that from Chikeola.

Julia D. Shaw

Julia has over 20 years of experience in the publishing industry.  She is an author, publisher, public relations and marketing specialist.  She has assisted hundreds of bestselling authors in reaching their publishing goals and will teach you how to make money as a bestselling author!

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Business Plan Template, so you can write your vision and make it plain. (Value $29.99)
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Sales Dashboard Template, so you can easily monitor your monthly sales. ($29.99)
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"We are family...I've got all my sisters with me."

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