thank-youSocial media is a great medium to use to give thanks.  With Thanksgiving is almost here, we have so much to be thankful for. I am so thankful for my business and I’m sure you’re thankful for yours too. But sometimes we get so busy that we forget to say thank you to people who have helped to get us where we are. Social media is a great resource that can be used to give special thanks your clients and customers. Here are some ways in which you can utilize social media do just that:

  1.  Like a Business Fanpage or regular Facebook page. When you like a fanpage you offer credibility to that business or person.
  2. Endorse someone on LinkedIn. Endorsing people’s skills is one of many great ways to say thank you to your professional connection. The thing with endorsements is that you allow the person to use your influence to the employees who see it.
  3. Write a recommendation for someone on LinkedIn. A professional recommendation of someone’s skills is a great way to say thank you.
  4. Give someone a special spotlight feature or post on Facebook. There is nothing like being in the spotlight. Do a spotlight on someone as a kind gesture of thanks.
  5. Retweet or share content on Twitter or thank someone for retweeting your content.
  6. Post a group or team photo on Instagram. Give your team a big boost by posting a photo together on Instagram.
  7. Create a quick 6-second thank you video and post it on Youtube or Vine. There is nothing that says thank you like uttering the words yourself. Put together a quick video now. Don’t forget that Youtube has been a blessing for so many people to make a living out
    of it. To know more on making money from it be sure to check out ytassimilation.
  8. Create a new board about someone and load it up with photos and videos on Pinterest.
  9. Host a Google+ hang out to say “Thank You” to all of your supporters. Host a hang out with all of your supporters and let them know how thankful you are for their support.
  10. Thank your followers when you reach a certain milestone! We you’ve reached a special milestone like 5,000 or 10,000 fans or followers make sure to send out a special thanks.

Make sure that you don’t forget about blogging. Blogging is a great way to really speak to your fans and followers. When you write a blog post you can use a service like Onlywire or Hootsuite to send this information out across all of your social networks.

Social media makes giving thanks simple, so don’t wait to start giving thanks TODAY!  For more social media tips, pick up Our Face book Strategy E-book by clicking here.

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