How to Become the Successful CEO of Your Love Life

Nekisha Michelle

If you are an Alpha woman aka the Independent woman, who is masterful at being there for others and is extremely comfortable and confident with  your power, EXCEPT when it comes to your love life for one reason or another you keep losing the deal, then this EVENT is for you.  Or you may be that married Alpha woman who is struggling to find that balance in your relationship, then this is for you too.

Learn from the Urban Love Doctor, Nekisha -Michelle.  This spicy woman is proof that you can find your soul mate and the love you desire in six months or less.  In this candid conversation she will diagnose the very love drama that’s keeping you from the relationship you want.  Nekisha-Michelle will elevate your BS (belief system) with 3 necessary sexy essentials to create a heart-centered business plan to win in love. because business women deserve love too!

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