Some of the world’s leading social media marketing experts have come together to share their 2017 social media marketing trends.  In this slide share presentation you will get 33 expert tips on social media marketing.  My favorite tips are #10 Give more than you take. I believe that you should always give more to your audience than you take and #13 which is all about FOCUS.  I do believe that business owners need to focus on one or two social media platforms and try not to be everywhere.  That just doesn’t work.  But you will find these and more in the slide presentation below.  Enjoy!

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 My favorite trend actually has nothing to do with social media at all.  It has to do with email marketing.  This year more business owners realized that they actually needed an email marketing software now more than ever. They understood what I’ve been saying for years and that is that you need to find ways to pull people out of social media and on to your list.  My favorite email marketing software service provider is Aweber.  Aweber allows you to take a 30-Day free trial, which is great.
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