3 Myths About Lead Generation…

1. If you build it they will come! FALSE. This is so untrue. Building a beautiful website does not guarantee that visitors will magically appear and sign up to your list or buy your product. You must offer something of value to get them to your site in the first place and once they arrive on your landing page, you must fully understand their problems and have a high value lead magnet that solves that problem.

2. Social Media is ineffective when it comes to generating high quality leads. FALSE. Social media is an extremely viable solution to generating leads. I can almost guarantee that your ideal customers are on social media. Therefore when done the right way you can generate high quality leads who already know, like and trust you on social media platforms.

3. Creating dedicated landing pages is a waste of time. FALSE. If your business solves multiple problems then you need different landing pages. You cannot use one homepage and jam it up with everything. This is why your customers are confused. Their eyes don’t know where to go first and the one product or service you may have highlighted on your homepages is not the one that they’re looking for. Stop making your ideal customers work so hard to find their solution. The answer is separate landing pages for each problem that your business solves. And trust me, there is a difference between a homepage and a landing page. And if you don’t know what I am talking about, no worries, I will address that in the upcoming days. So don’t forget to check your email.

Generating leads is the most important aspects of your business. It’s the first of a 3-pronged process. You see, there are 3 things as a business owner that you must do consistently and they are…1)increase Awareness about your business, 2)Convert those who have show interested in your business and 3) Retain those that you have converted into customers or clients.

Awareness, Conversion and Retention (ACR) are the three legs that your business needs to stand on. If any of these aspects are weak, then your business will wobble.

We all want strong and stable businesses right? Therefore, we must be willing to face the truths about keeping our pipelines full and converting prospects to qualified leads and leads into customers.

It all starts with a high value lead magnet. Click below to get access to our FREE guide “25 High Value Lead Magnet Ideas” and get started on creating your lead magnet using our C.B.S. System.

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