You’ve seen their face on your computer screen or phone and now they’re on the big screen or are on other major platforms where they can easily be seen, known, and heard.  As an Entrepreneur, you and I both know that a major platform can equal major opportunities that equal a major increase in consistent income.
The number one question on the minds of those watching but desiring similar opportunities is,

“How’d they do that”?!

Well it’s easy to take a look at their YouTube profile and see their first and current videos. One key trend is that they all started with what was available to them and gradually progressed to better cameras, lighting, and graphics. For example, nowadays you would probably need to get yourself an Asus GeForce rtx 3080 in order to be able to use your pc for heavy duty work like video editing for said YouTube videos. More so than anything, they were all consistent with their video posts no matter the topic nor video length. You may also want to consider visiting some trusted sites like 25pc to avail for an affordable computer with custom-made desktops designed for your needs and also for gaming as well.

Take a look at Trent Shelton, who’s ranked amongst the top 20 most influential people on the web with Oprah Winfrey being number 1. While Trent had a career in football, he didn’t have a career in motivational speaking but he started sharing videos on YouTube with the desire to help children who are going wayward and the videos continued to be shared over and over again until he became the face of his very own, RehabTime.

Now, 6 years later, Trent reaches over 35 million people a week, over 3 million Facebook fans, over 350,000 Instagram followers, over 200,000 Twitter followers, is a best selling author of 3 self-help books and has traveled all over the United States and overseas to speak at request.

While this post isn’t about Trent, it is about taking a look at those who have used available platforms to share their message with the world and frankly, who wouldn’t want to have a trail blazing behind them and in front of them like Mr. Shelton?

Here are 5 Quick Tips To Get Started On Your Path To A Successful YouTube Channel:

  1. Be relatable. Nothing turns off the public more than a person they can’t relate to. While your personality and message may not be what every person prefers, you still need to be able to connect with your tarket (target market) on a personal level. When recording your videos, be sure to speak to your audience like you’re talking with your best friend while displaying your subject matter expertise. Too much professionalism reduces the ability for your tarket to see and hear your heart, which is where they connect with you and the primary reason why they’ll continue on their own accord.
  2. Create your space. Have you ever seen a video where all you could do was pay attention to the mess in the background? As a matter of fact, perhaps the only reason you shared the video was to point out the mess to someone you knew. When recording your video, take a moment to create a clean and well-lit space that looks the same in every video.       If your audience sees that you have a dedicated space that you care to keep clean, they’ll know that you take them and their time seriously and therefore; they’ll take you seriously and will take the time to share your videos for all of the right reasons.
  3. Monetize with keywords.       The reason people start to create tutorials, how to’s, and speeches, specifically on YouTube is because YouTube pays. When you upload a video, you’ll have the opportunity to use key words that draw attention to your video. Simply find out what hashtags are trending amongst your audience and use them as your key words or key word phrases. You’ll also have the opportunity to monetize your video, which means that you earn a nominal fee of about 0.13-0.34 per view.       This doesn’t seem like much at first but when viewed by 1 million followers, it adds up to $130,000-$340,000 alone. How’s that for creating a stream of income while climbing higher heights.
  4. Short and Sweet. Unless you’re doing a tutorial, an initial introduction, a detailed how to, or a special event video, keep your videos short and sweet. Most people easily remember what’s said to them within 15 minutes of active listening. After 15 minutes, they’ll have to use some serious concentration to listen to the rest of what you have to say especially if they have short attention spans and if you’re not personable. Online, you don’t have 15 minutes! You only have 8 minutes before your audiences decides to move onto someone who tells them exactly what they want to know in a shorter amount of time than you. After gaining the trust of your audience, you can start to post videos longer than 8 minutes because you have earned their trust, which means they’ll give you their attention.
  5. Share everywhere!       Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Vine, and even Pinterest are all great places to share your video or even share a snippet of the video with the video link. It’s important your audience hears your voice and sees your face every way they possibly can. Be sure that when you post your video on YouTube that you take the time to let everyone know through every platform you’re registered with. (This is also great for people and organizations who want hear you in order to consider you for a speaking engagement)

By now you’ve figured out that there’s no big trick nor a magic wand in gaining notoriety using YouTube. Stay relatable, consistent, and informative and you’ll gain a dedicated following who will be glad to trust you with their time and their funds!


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