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Your Host, Toni Coleman Brown

A few people come along in life and in business that we all might consider to be Game-Changers.  If you saw the 60 minutes interview with Jeff Bezos, you realize that he is a game-changer.  From everything you know about Steve Jobs, he was a game-changer.  Mary Kay Ash was a game-changer.  These are revolutionary people who changed the game for themselves and so many others.

In this inaugural live radio show, we’re going to discuss “How to Be a Game Changer.”  You see, a game-changer is not always a person who changes the world, sometimes a game changer is someone who changes the course and direction of a family.   Or it could be someone who volunteers their time and changes the lives of several individuals in their community.

So what does it takes to be a game-changer?  Tune in to this radio show to find out how you could be the One, who changes the game for your family and most importantly for you.  I hope to hear you on the show.

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