The Network for Women in Business Speaker and Trainer Incentive Program

The Network for Women in Business is a membership organization with a primary goal of training women business owners. Our training topics are primarily related to online marketing, but can range from business planning to work/life balance and more. Our tagline is to train, connect and advance women business owners.  Our slogan is that “We Educate to Elevate Women in Business

Our company launched on January 12, 2012. We sent out our first newsletter on January 23, 2012 to only 155 members and a handful of Facebook Fans. Today we have almost 3,000 members and over 26,000 actively engaged Facebook Fans. We are expecting the same kind of growth for 2015 Our ultimate goal is to build a platform to reach millions of women in business around the world and to train them how to market and promote their business online

We are always in search of the best speakers, trainers and coaches to provide our members with the most cutting edge information that exists in the current marketplace. Our primary goal for our speakers is to have a space where their knowledge and skills can be exalted and put on display for the world to view. We believe that becoming an expert speaker and trainer with us is a win-win experience because you can gain access to a broad audience.

Here’s How it Works:

Once you decide to become a speaker, trainer or coach with the Network, we will schedule a date for you to provide a webinar for our members. Not all of our trainings are done via webinar, some of them are done via teleconference/teleseminar on our conference line. We have our own video conference script for our own teleconference platform through which we normally interact.

When the date is set, we set up the webinar registration or teleseminar registration and we begin to promote it. We would like you to promote it to your list as well.

Once the webinar conference/teleseminar is over, we will provide you with all email address and names from the registration list so that we create a real win-win situation for our speakers.

All trainings are archived in the training center. Replays are available for a short period of time, however, after that they are placed in the archive (Training Vault) for Premium members who have unlimited access to all past trainings.

Additionally, if the Expert Speakers or Trainers have a product and they offer an affiliate program, the Network for Women in Business will become an affiliate and we will promote that product on the website using our affiliate link.  If you do not have an affiliate program for your product you may sign up with

Other methods of partnership:

We are always looking for different ways to partner. Therefore, if you have articles, blog posts, etc. that you might be interesting in sharing with our members we would certainly advise you to do so. Our editorial calendar for 2015 has various themes and if you would like to include content on any one of the topics you may do so at any time. Additionally, general interest topics (e.g. Money Matters, Social Media, etc.) are always welcomed and may be submitted at any time.

We don’t require a contract for our experts. We just like to create a winning situation for everyone to thrive. This has worked out very well for all of our past Trainers and Coaches. We hope that you would consider becoming a part of the Network for Women in Business family of experts.

If this sounds like something that you would be interested in please contact us at

With your success in mind,

Toni Coleman Brown

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