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Cynthia Gossman

All top business leaders know that one of the major keys to success in managing your emotions.  This is a strategy that is often overlooked, but if done correctly can make a huge difference in your performance and in life in general.  Join us as Cynthia Gossman shares 7 Steps to Achieving All the Happiness You Can Stand.   Cynthia Gossman is an emotion strategist who provides training in leadership enrichment and development including proven techniques and practical skills to individuals, leaders and communities who are struggling emotionally in life.  She offers alternative methods against learned behaviors and perspective to her clients to help them make positive changes and restore joy.

As a widowed/single mother of three and Nana of one little 3 year old, Cynthia has her entire brood living at home with her along with two dogs and a cat.  Never a dull moment at the Gossman Funny Farm.  With her 21 year old son having Down syndrome, she has that many years experience with intellectual disabilities and emotional/mental/behavioral illness and disorders.  She has 15+ years experience in bereavement.

As a Professional Motivational Speaker, Cynthia shares her personal experiences of implementing alternative methods against learned behaviors and shifting tragedy into triumph!

Join us for this event as she clearly explains that HAPPINESS is a CHOICE and what you can do right now to have all the happiness you can stand!

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