Email Marketing 101, first you should know that email marketing is not dead! I am always surprised when I attend networking events or conduct a workshop and I discover that small business owners are not taking advantage of email marketing. For more marketing tips, see at Local Client Takeover website.

If you’re not emailing your customers, then how are you communicating with them? And if you are emailing them how are sending the email via Gmail? Or Hotmail? Please say it ain’t so.

The bottom line is that if you’re in business or you call yourself being in business, then it’s time to grow up and get yourself a professional email marketing software.  When it comes down to business success leaves clues.  And every successful entrepreneur that I know has one.  It doesn’t matter if it’s Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp or Constant Contact having a professional email marketing tool is essential.

The Top 3 Benefits of Email Marketing 101

Benefit #1 – You can catch them in the place they love to read their emails the most – MOBILE!

  • Email marketing allows you to meet your customers exactly where they are, which is reading emails on their cell phone. It is because of this reason that entrepreneurs should cater their email marketing efforts towards the way emails show up in their customers inbox on mobile, which is like this:


  • Note that the FROM line is bold.  Therefore, who the email is FROM is most important.  Second is the SUBJECT LINE, which is also in a larger and bolder font size.  Then last but not least the first 1 or 2 sentences are seen above the fold.  Therefore, the first two sentences are very important as they will most likely end up being the determining factor in whether or not your email is read.  With this being known, it only makes sense to spend a lot of time on these items.

Benefit #2 – Email Marketing is Cheap!

  • Email marketing is cheap. It’s cheaper to send an email than it is to send a package or letter in the mail.  Therefore, it is probably the most effective way to market.  It takes about 10,000 emails in order for you to get close to 1,000 people opening up your emails. Therefore, it’s cheaper more cost effective to broadcast 10,000 emails rather than 10,000 letters, flyers or postcards.

Benefit #3 – You can send a lot of emails all at once using a professional email marketing software

  • You can’t send 1,000 emails via Gmail or Hotmail. Let’s face it. Having a professional email marketing software is essential for the success of your business.  You cannot send out bulk emails from free email accounts.  If you try it then you will certainly get your account shut down.  However, using a professional email marketing software will allow you to send out thousands of emails within seconds.

Why most people don’t use professional email marketing software?

The number one reason why most small businesses don’t use email marketing software is because they don’t want to spend the money.  Most email marketing software comes with a monthly fee.  But it is a monthly fee that’s worth it when your phone starts to ring with clients and your sales increase when you send out a promotion.  While many small business owners believe they cannot afford most email marketing software packages, the reality of the matter is they can’t afford not to have a professional email marketing software.

Other businesses have the false belief that they will become spammers to their clients and they fear that they will unsubscribe.  As a small business owner you should want people to unsubscribe as fast as possible. All email list could use a good enema, because all you’re really doing is getting rid of the crappy people that are on your list. Each time I send an email, I lose some people, but most of them leave because they’ve gone out of business, which is their bad not mine.

I use Aweber as my preferred email marketing software.  And they offer a generous 30 Day Trial.  I encourage anyone who is serious to take advantage of the Aweber offer.

There are 7 Basic Emails that every small business should send to their customers in order to turn them into raving fans. I cut a video to show you exactly what those 7 emails are.

Want to watch that video showing you the send emails that you should send to your customers?

Click the image below to get instant access and discover 7 ideas for emails that you can send to your customers or clients that are sure to get OPENED!

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