Most female entrepreneurs struggle to generate the amount of income that they need to cover their monthly expenses. Today we want to teach you how to discover your financial sweet spot so you can live the life you’ve always imagined.

What Is Your Financial Sweet Spot?

Your financial sweet spot is financial number in your business where you can comfortably pay all of your expenses and still invest in your company.  You goal should always be to get to a position of overflow.  Overflow is where you can not only invest in your company, but also invest in others by launching Crowdfunding Money Raising campaigns or by simply hiring employees. Services like private wealth management can guide you to hit your financial sweet spot, especially if you’ll be using personal credit cards. If you need to bring your credit score up then check here.

How to Discover Your Financial Sweet Spot in Your Business?

Finding your sweet spot all all starts with taking an assessment of your business income.  You must find out where most of it is coming from in your business. That’s why it’s important to know what types of loan programs, like investment property loans or payday loans online, to take out if ever you’re interested in putting money in your business right away. Most loans, like personal loans, require a fixed monthly pay back over an extended periods of time. Then you must do some analysis of all revenue centers in your business and make adjustments where necessary, and even if you need a loan for your business, you can use services as Payday loans online to get financing for your business. Another great way you can save time and staff costs is to use a professional telephone answering service as they are much more cost effective than hiring dedicated staff and save you the time of having to answer the phone yourself so they can be an excellent choice for a lot of business owners.

Figure out which products are services are bringing in the most income and also which ones are not.  Then figure out when did you generate the most income and ask yourself, was it seasonal or was it from a sale?  This will be very telling. You can do this when you do wealth management.

Today is as good a time as any to invest, and with deltek outsourced bookkeeping to keep track of your finances, it could be smart and timely investment too. It’s true that investors in the stock market have seen record volatility in recent weeks, as the coronavirus outbreak has spread around the world, grinding economic activity to a halt in many places and leaving broad uncertainty about the future. Many investors prefer cheap stocks, especially if they have smaller portfolios. You can find some cheap stocks under $10 at Ticker Table if you are interested. But you don’t need a ton of money to buy into the stock market. In some cases, you can get started with as little as $1. Now, firms including Charles Schwab, Robinhood, Square, SoFi and Stash all allow investors to buy fractional shares of individual stocks and, in some cases, ETFs, for $1 or more.Jan 12, 2020

Also, as you are analyzing your business products and services, ask yourself are you pricing your products right get more tips at the moneybrighter finance blog.

3 Ways to Increase Your Financial Sweet Spot…

  1. Bundle your products or services.  Figure out if there is a way to bundle some of your products together for an even higher prices?  You can often times ask  your audience directly if they would like to see some products bundled.  Either way, you can always test it with a small group to see how it is received.
  2. Test Higher Pricing.  Oddly enough sometimes higher priced items perform better than lower priced products or services.  The only way to find out if your product could stand up to a higher price is to test it out.
  3. Add Upsells to your offers.  An upsell could be a paid product or a free bonus item to increase the perceived value of a product or service.

These are all the types of training and coaching that you receive when you become a member of the Network for Women in Business.  We are closing the doors for membership on March 13th 2020 and one of the things we will discuss over the next weeks are ways to increase your income via strategies like those listed above and by other suggesting add-ons like created mastermind events or membership offerings and continuity programs that will allow you to receive consistent income on a monthly basis.

One of the things that we’re committed to doing is assisting female entrepreneurs in finding the joy again in their business.  We want you to be able to run a stress-free business that you enjoy and generates income.  Become a member today.

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