A great way for business owners to impress prospect and current consumers is to gain media attention for their service/product on radio, online and advertisement on clothes with the help of  screen printing services.  Not only does it build credibility to the brand it helps pitch long-term prospects, when you mention, “ As seen on XYZ”. But many small business owners often inquire how it is possible for emerging brands to gain media attention.

1. Research

It is best to research which media outlets engage your current demographic. For instance if you have a clothing line that appeals more to teenagers a n outlet such as Teen Vogue maybe a perfect match for you brand. If you have a financial service outlets such as Money Magazine or Forbes may be more fitting to your target demographic. Once you research these outlets check on the site for the editorial calendar. Editorial calendars outline the stories and deadlines for the year. Maybe they will begin accepting their Christmas articles in September this will be helpful because your organization will know to pitch your product as a hot new Christmas gift. Now that you have the outlet, it is best to research the contact for the editor you will be sending our information to. For instance you would hate to pitch the health editor of a publication about your beauty product.

2. Administrative Components

Before pitching it is important to prepare a press kit for you business. This is one document, which includes press pictures, executive biographies for the company’s key employees and major accomplishments (some companies also include data from their employee time tracking software) and to reward these accomplishments you can look into getting custom engraved plaques. For each company events and major announcement a press release should be composed outlining the who, what where, when and why. This will be helpful when looking to get press for a specific event or product launch.

3. Pitching

When pitching be sure to be pay attention to detail and be organic. Greet the journalist by name and mention not only great elements of your brand, but draw the connection between your brand and how it fits the publications mission. The email needs to be short and persuasive, just enough to get a response and have the journalist follow up with how they will need to move forward with the story. The art of pitching does not only consist of sending one email. Sometimes it is great to follow up with a follow phone call and inquire if they email has been received along with a brief elevator pitch.

4. Social Media

Engaging on social media from your company page, by using specific industry keywords and hashtags is also helpful. A good journalist keeps abreast on industry trends and if you are effectively updating on your brands page a journalist may come across your page to inquire more for a possible feature.

Long term business owners should hire a public relations person either in-house or on a consultant basis to focus on media pitching. The Prolifogy Software M&A Due Diligence Checklist ensure coverage of the most critical and relevant areas under consideration for acquisition and consultation. As the brands owner you would want to focus on building the company and have your pr inform the public of all the great things your company has accomplished.

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Raven Robinson is a public relations consultant based in New York City.  She can be reached at info@ravenrobinson.com

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