[headline_tahoma_extra_large_centered color=”#000000″]30 Smart and Savvy Women Business Owners Collaborate to Show You How to Add Dollar$ to Your Bottom Line [/headline_tahoma_extra_large_centered]

Network to Increase Your Net Worth is MORE than just an anthology, it’s a guide that you can use to change the course of your business.  You can take your bottom line from RED to BLACK with the information contained within these pages of this book.

Some of the powerful chapters in this book include:

  • “How to Ace Your Networking Event Before You Even Get There” by Cathryn Finley
  • “My Back Pocket Topic” by Shannoya Fellows
  • “Ditch the Pitch!” by Mindy Barnett
  • “Networking 101:  It’s Not About You, It’s About Who You Serve” by Toni Coleman Brown
  • “Work the Net! Don’t Get Caught In It! by Audrey Reed
  • “How to Work the Room! by Darlene Aiken
  • “Networking 2020: Connecting Your Network With Your Vision! by Lucrece Augusma
  • “Networking in Your Niche” by Cee Cee Caldwell-Miller
  • “Reinvention: My Network Changed My Life and So Can Yours” by Julia Shaw
  • “Networking: You are Not Alone” by Rhonda L. Moore
  • “No Passion, No Gain” by Dr. Genevieve Kumapley
  • “Leveraging Community Service Opportunities as a Means of Expanding Your Network” by Kioshana LaCount
  • “Expanding Your World through Professional and Social Organizations” by Rogernelle Griffin
  • “Connecting The Dots – There is Money in The Follow Up” by Kendra Gainey
  • “Networking for Your Children” by Cathleen Williams
  • “Increase Sales After Networking Events with MY Secret Weapon” by Jayne Rios
  • “I Used to Hate Networking, But Not Anymore” by Valerie Wells
  • “Coaching and Networking Changed My Life and Increased My Bottom Line”  by Audrey Woodley
  • ” Y is for Yenta: Lessons on How Being Curious Can Help You to Fulfill Your Dreams” by Wendi Caplan-Carroll
  • “Referrals! Referrals! Refferals! by Polly Hadfield
  • “Successful Networking With a Purpose” by Tanesha Williams
  • “Networking in the Social Media Age – It’s Not About You” by Kristi Ballard
  • “Networking: Learning From the Best” by Taylor Stephens
  • “Networking: Just Showing Up Doesn’t Cut It” by Alice Heiman
  • “Networking 20/20: Connecting Your Network to Your Vision” by Lucrece Augusma
  • “Networking: Sometimes It’s Better Online” by Marsha Graham
  • “Purposeful Intentions Leads to Authentic Networking” by Greta Douglas
  • “The Art of Deliberate Networking” by Jeselle Eli
  • “Gifting You: Service and Generosity As Networking” by Chikeola Karimou
  • “Create Joint Ventures for Accelerated Results ” by Rose Marie Couture DeSaro

Each of the 30 authors has unique experience when it comes to networking, but one thing is clear – each of them have increased their bottom line by practicing the art of connecting with others.

You will learn from these women as they take you on 30 incredible journeys that explore exactly what each of them has done to grow their businesses and expand their circles. You will discover how friendships and partnerships have been created by connecting with others, both online and offline. Each chapter will pull you in closer and will help you to understand just as the title suggests; which is that it is possible to Network to Increase Your Net Worth!

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