Leona Martin – Owner of LCM Coaching


Tell the world about your business

LCM Career Coaching is a business that helps people build a resume, set SMART career goals, land interviews, negotiate great salaries, build meaningful networks, and market themselves in a way that gets results!

Why did you start your business?

I started my business because as a healthcare recruiter in a major teaching hospital, I was seeing far too many talented individuals that lacked confidence and self esteem. I worked mostly with nurses at the time and they needed help in writing resumes, interviewing, and just presenting themselves in a professional way. I wanted to bring out the best in them even when they didn’t see it in themselves. I was passionate about helping them achieve their career goals and empowering them so that they understood that they could and would be successful.

What do you love about your business?

I love being able to see real transformation in my clients! Many come feeling like they don’t know where to start in obtaining their dream jobs, are fearful about whether or not they will be successful. As I work with my clients, it gives me great pleasure to see them grow and move from doubtful to “I can do this”.. I love that I give them the tools to reach their goals and I have success stories to show this!

What were some of your biggest business challenges and how did you overcome them?

Some of my biggest challenges have been promoting my business on social media. However, I feel much more confident now that I have taken Toni Coleman-Brown’s Magic Lead Generation course! Another was getting started on a shoestring budget. I used a lot of my own money to get started but my overhead costs were low because the business was run out of my own home.

What advice would you give others in your industry?

The advice I would give is to make sure you have a written business plan, take advantage of your networks, and a team/board of directors to help you grow, manage and support your business.

My favorite business tools are_____

Zoom is it for now, I need to get more automated in my business. However, AWeber is becoming a favorite tool!

What were some of your first steps to success?

My first steps to success were when I could see that my clients were flourishing and obtaining great careers. Also they were sending thank you notes telling me how much they appreciated what I had done to help them become successful, that is success to me.

The biggest success I ever had was when I _____

I have several but most recently was when I became a Certified Professional Coach Spring 2020. It has really taken my career coaching to a new level.

I believe that success is based on _________

How you view it! Success means different things to different people. But I truly believe that it is based on achieving your goals and having the happiness that goes along with it. Also I see part of success is living and walking in your purpose.

The secret to my success is_________

Is being intentional about the work that I do and getting the results that I want. Also to stay on top of my craft, knowledge is power and I need to stay educated and informed about what is happening in my industry.

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