Making money today does not have to be hard.  It actually can be quite easy when you use the low hanging fruit strategies that are right under your nose.  So I’m sure you’re thinking right now, “what do I mean by this?”  Which is why I am going to explore with you some ways you can make money that are often overlooked by most businesses.

Make money selling other people’s products (OPP)

One of the easiest ways to make money fast even without having a website is through affiliate marketing.  Affiliate marketing is defined as when a business will reward (pay) an individual for sending (buying) customers their way.   If you don’t have the time or the expertise to create a product on your own, then the best thing to do is become an affiliate of someone’s product or service.

Most people don’t realize this, but some of the very products that they use on a daily basis have an affiliate program that they could promote and earn extra income.  For example,  if you send out email everyday using Aweber.   Why not join Aweber’s Affiliate Program and promote that service.  You can even send out an email  referring the service to your list or tribe.   Another example is a Nutribullet.  You may use this product every week and not realize that you can become an Amazon affiliate and sell the item and receive a commission from it.  If you use something regularly and you like it then it just makes sense to promote it and get paid; especially if you talk about the product anyway.

Another example of an affiliate program is our 14 Days to Profit System.  Simply by taking the 14 day trial of Platinum Membership, you can get access to our 14 Days to Profit System for FREE.  During that time you can get started promoting the system and earn $20 per month for each referral.  If you were to get 10 referrals that can yield you an extra $200 per month in referral income.

The good thing about most affiliate programs (including ours) is that they normally will provide a resource area where you can get access to banners, Facebook posts/Tweets, emails, etc that you can simply swipe and use.   This makes it even easier for you to passively promote your affiliate programs by placing a banner or two on your websites/blogs.  When people visit your site they will see your banners and will click on them and you will be able to earn affiliate income this way.   Websites and blogs make money today through affiliate advertising.   If your website or blog attracts and specific type of audience, make sure to include affiliate programs on your site that cater to that specific audience.  The top bloggers in the world earn upwards of $40,000 or more a month in affiliate revenue. You can visit if you’re looking for more ways on how to make money from home.

Make Money Now!

There is really no need to ever struggle with money.  Especially when there are endless ways you can monetize your expertise to create multiple streams of income.  In the Cha-Ching Fast Cash Strategies audio program, Toni Coleman Brown explores 7 or more different ways to put money in your pocket right away.  This 1 hour audio program will blow you away with the information, tools and resources that are exposed.  You can get an instant download of this audio for only $19.97 by clicking here.  Take advantage of it and get money now.


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