Renee Callender – Renee’s Hair Designs

Tell the world about your business

Renee’s Hair Designs is a Unisex Hair Salon that specializes in Hairweaves, Relaxers, Braids , Hair cuts ,Hair color and Hair treatments for thinning hair

Why did you start your business?

I started my business so that I could create my own brand. I wanted to get from under controlling bosses who tried to limit the money that I could make. I have worked with other salon owners that just didn’t really care about the health of peoples hair. I wanted to have people work with me who knew what chemicals were harmful to ones hair and have training classes for stylists. I trained various stylists on the proper way to braid hair that promotes healthy hair growth.

What do you love about your business?

I love how I can make people feel and look. I have some ladies who walk with a cane. They can come feeling real grumpy. I make sure they feel comfortable with me and therefore they get so relaxed that I am able to create the hair style they desire. Well when i finish their hair they are feeling so good and look pretty . The first thing they do is put on their lipstick and smile. Some of them hug me when they ready to leave feeling so good that they forget the cane.

What were some of your biggest business challenges and how did you overcome them?

My biggest business challenges were being in the wrong salon. Working where I didn’t fit. I need the right place and circle for me to thrive. I choose the people who I want in my circle. I am now challenged with network marketing and learning more about generating leads with Toni Coleman Brown

What advice would you give others in your industry?

Patience is the key when serving clients .Stay focused and always be open to learning about new things. Also listen. Don’t think you know it all. Do your homework and if you think that what a client wants you to use a color or chemical that will be harmful to her hair don’t do it. You don’t want any law suits.

My favorite business tools are_____

Google Analytics, SBA, Score, Canva

What were some of your first steps to success?

My first steps to success was when I started to braid an actress hair that was in the original play Rent named Gwen Stewart. I would go to her hotel room with my daughter Afi, who was 16 years old at that time and we would take out her braids and I would put them back in. That took a total of 10 hours. i started to get more celebrity clients from that job and stayed focused.

The biggest success I ever had was when I _____

Opened my Salon 1999. We had a small private salon in a building with Concierge services. Various celebrities included Nell Carter, Heidi Klum, Coco Austin{Ice T/ wife) and Axel Rose.

I believe that success is based on _________

Success is based on hard work. Studying and knowing your craft so when obstacles cross your path you can find solutions to fix it. Also being patient with so that they can trust you.

The secret to my success is_________

My success is due to how I represent myself. Being that I am a hairstylist my hair is always looking good. When I meet a client for the first time they look at me from head to toe.