s3The Top 3 things that most business owners lack are SYSTEMS, SALES and a SUBCONSCIOUS BREAKTHROUGH!  This is exactly what will be delivered at the 3rd Annual Small Business Boot Camp for Women.  The success of your business hinges on your ability to put the appropriate systems in place that will allow you to generate sales, but before you even can do any of that you must break the subconscious barriers that somehow have you falsely believing that you can’t do it.

What’s your business process?

When business owners are asked this question, they often end up looking like a deer in headlights because they don’t know.  Asked a different way, the question is what is the process that you use to acquire a customer, close a customer and retain that customer for repeat business?   All three of these processes require SYSTEM(s) to be implemented to help make your business to run smoothly, efficiently and effectively.   Most businesses will seek automation for many of these processes.  And this requires an investment business tools & software like this trending touch screen pos system among most of the physical stores.   There is no way to make a quantum leap in your business if you’re not willing to invest in business tools.   Some of the basic tools required are websites, shopping carts, merchant accounts, etc.  Some of the other basic business tools are the materials required to produce a product if that’s the line of business that you’re in.

At the upcoming Small Business Boot Camp for Women, experts like Trevor Otts and Toni Coleman Brown will highlight some of the latest and greatest systems and tools that will not only help bring your business into the 21st century, but these tools will put your business on steroids, so that you can make money while you sleep.  A lot of people talk about mailbox money, but there’s nothing like receiving inbox money or receiving a chime from your cell phone every time someone makes a purchase from you.   Register today, as this is the type of information that you can’t afford to miss.

How do you generate sales?

What exactly is it that you do (step by step) to generate sales?  Or in other words, what is your customer acquisition process?  Have you updated it to include technology or social media.  Sales is the key to any business success.  It doesn’t matter if you’re in the home-based business industry or you operate a brick and mortar industry.  Sales will make you and a lack of sales will break you.  Sales expert, Che Brown teaches his clients how to become a billable machine.  And Brian Keith McNeill of Very Personal Sales Coaching teaches individuals how to become better at selling what they do.  Both of these gentlemen will be in the house at the Small Business Boot Camp for Women to teach you the latest and hottest sales generation strategies to help you acquire new business and keep the business that you have.  Register today to learn how you can become better at generating sales for your business.

What’s holding you back?

Most business owners today have a subconscious block.  Usually this is related to something that has been taught to you in your past.  It may have been a concept that was passed down from generation to generation that keeps you thinking and repeating in your head, “I can’t do this.”  This limiting self talk keeps potential millions of dollars blocked in the minds of business owners.  Sometimes when you hear the stories of others and how they have not only survived but thrived in the worst of circumstances it can elevate you and break invisible chains.  Also, when you allow a business and life coach like Toni Coleman Brown to help you discover those triggers and give you to tools to fight them, then you too can breakthrough to millions.  At the Small Business Boot Camp for Women, this is what is going to happen…You will hear from amazing business owners, like Kendra Gainey of Gainey Girl Boutique, and Dorothy Shi of Dorothy Shi Photography, and Kim McCarter of The Curvy Spot.  You will get elevated to next level success from these women.  You will also receive a breakthrough session from the quantum leap expert herself, Toni Coleman Brown.  This is something you will not want to miss, so register today.

That’s right you can get everything that you need to incorporate the right systems, and generate the sales you need and achieve your subconscious breakthrough at the small business boot camp for women.  Grab your ticket now, because tickets are selling and they will not last.  Don’t wait.


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