If you’re anything like most business owners that I work with you’re probably frustrated with trying to discover what exactly is the secret sauce that causes a person to buy online.

The reality of this situation is that it’s really a lot easier than you think, especially once you know and understand where the sales are really happening online.

The biggest problem with most business owners is that they’re out there throwing stuff at the wall and hoping that something will stick.  They’re simply acting with no strategy. This is the main reason why they’re receiving poor results.

Now, this can be rectified.  But before we get into where the sales really happen, let’s talk about where they’re not happening.


  1. Sales are not happening anywhere where the buyer doesn’t know you exists. So if you have a website and you don’t have any traffic, then sales are definitely not happening there. So the first thing that you need is TRAFFIC.
  2. Sales are not happening anywhere where the buyer knows about you but doesn’t [pardon my French] gives a rat’s ass about you. If this is happening in your business, then you’re probably getting your offer constantly in front of the wrong audience. And in this case, you need to tighten up or re-assess your target audience.
  3. Sales are not happening anywhere where the buyer is only slightly interested in you. If this is happening in your business, then the buyer may be thinking about giving you a shot, but is just not ready. In this case, you’re probably in the right audience, but the buyer hasn’t really warmed up to you yet…but they’re thinking about it.  And these people just need to be nurtured.

Sooooo…if the sales are definitely not happening in all the places listed above, then where in the heck are they happening?


These are some of the top 3 areas where sales are converting in your business and if you pay attention to these areas you can convert sales online and get into profit with ease:

  1. Previous Customers – There is NOTHING like a past customer. These people are the underutilized gold mine in most businesses that are often overlooked.  These people have already demonstrated that they love you and they’re your biggest fans.  So why not send them Exclusive Offers for being Loyal Customers.  Converting sales in this segment is EASY.  You just have to keep giving them more of what they like.
  2. Segmented Lists – Let me break this down. A segmented list is a group of people within your tribe that have an affinity for something you’ve created.  This could be a group of people who signed up for a webinar or a group of people who opted in for a free product.  Converting is a whole easier when you send these segments the things that they love.  So you can’t go wrong with specific offers to these Segmented List.
  3. Specific Product Page Viewers (Retargeting Pixels) – Okay. In case you didn’t know this.  You can put tracking pixels on your specific product pages.  These tracking pixels can build an audience of people who view your website on these specific pages.
  4. Provide and Guarantee Online Security – This one is pretty simple. If people are to buy something online, they need to feel safe in doing so. In order for an online sale to actually go through a person needs to provide a lot of their personal information which naturally worries them, and makes them think this information could be used further down the line for unauthorized purchases. It’s not an irrational fear, as that exact chain of events have indeed happened before. So, what to do? Well, I recommend you visit the site https://www.venyu.com/colocation/, and hire their services. Once you do so, you can let your potential buyers know through the site itself about this added layer of security. This will clear that doubt that comes to every potential buyer’s mind during most online purchases. Let them know you get them, and have added extra security in looking out for them, and they will be more likely to pull the trigger and buy your products or services over other alternatives online.

So now that you know where you have the better chances of converting sales online, all you have to do is actively get your offers in front of the right people.  Don’t try to market and promote to everyone.  Get clear on who you serve and who your target audience consists of.  This will help you to convert your sales all the time.

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