Sales Training Courses

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Very Personal Sales Training

Brian Keith McNeill is a very personal sales coach who has helped companies to hire, fire, train, motivate, and develop salespeople all across the U.S. since 1992.  Brian has methodology that’s innovative and effective, and will provide you with things that you can use immediately and see the results in your business right away.  Click here to access the training.

Selling in A Skirt

Judy Hoberman has observed and experienced such a wide variety of techniques come and go, sizzle instead of smolder, but with selling in a skirt she explains the exact techniques you need to have a successful career in sales. Click here to access the training.

Get a Client a Day The Coffee Cup Way

Tonya Hoffman will show you how to gain clients in a simple and easy fashion.  She will also explain to you how to get a client a day the coffee cup way.  Click here to watch.

What’s Your Elevator Pitch?

Learn from professional business coach, Joyce Saint Cyr exactly what message you need to convey when you meet someone. You could be sending the wrong message, learn the do’s and don’ts and the right and wrong way to convey your business message. Click here to access the training.

How to Consistently Attract New Clients

Have you ever wondered what it takes to attract new clients on a consistent basis? Have you ever wanted to know the secret to have a constant stream of new customers floating through your door, eager to work with you and buy your product or service? Click here to access the training.