The January results are in from my successful Pinterest marketing campaigns and I can hardly believe the stats.  I started a niche website called, Everything Keto Diet back in November 2018.  In approximately 60 days, I have been able to grow this site from zero traffic to over 1500 monthly website visitors.  All of this is from promoting the site on Pinterest. If you or anyone else on your team handles online marketing too well you can always go for different options like the ones offered by this Yard Sign Greeting Franchise Opportunity which you could add to your business location. 

The Results From My Pinterest Marketing Campaigns

Well, I waited until the last day of the month to report on my results.  I’ve been like a kid in a candy store watching my traffic numbers rise. On some days I would have over 100 website visitors.  But it appears that the site is receiving on average 50 visitors each day. If you will like to increase the traffic in your website, consider visiting

pinterest marketing campaigns website traffic

The traffic numbers are really more like 1533.  The actual traffic report since the website’s inception is as follows:

November 2018 – 0

December 2018 – 287

January 2019 – 1,533

The website statics that I need to work on are:

  1. Lowering the bounce rate which is 87.68%
  2. Increasing the session time to over 1:00 minute.

The majority of my traffic is coming from Pinterest.  What I am quickly learning is that Pinterest drives a lot of traffic to your website.  As you can see from the picture below more than 90% of the website traffic is coming from the social media site.

pinterest traffic

Pinterest Views Don’t Translate to Traffic

While people like to boast about the views on Pinterest (which can go up and down), you can clearly see below that views don’t necessarily translate into traffic.  In my case about 2.6% of views translate into website traffic.  I don’t think that’s a bad stat at all.

Does All of This Pinterest Traffic Convert to Leads and Sales

Website conversion is the ability to get website visitors to take action. And for me that action is to convert traffic to leads and sales.

So how well did the site convert?

A good conversion rate is 2.35%, however the top 25% of websites have a conversion rate of 5.21%.  I did better than average.

On the EKD website I have two pop-ups.  One on is an exit pop up and one is a on page form.  The on page form did well and has a 28% conversion rate.  The exit pop up (which most people hate) has a 3% conversion rate.  See below.

The website is loaded with banners and I promote my 7 Day Keto Challenge.  Before the Challenge Launched there was a wait list and here are the results from that:

I have been able to generate in total 70 leads and I generated 14 sales for the Challenge and 4 sales from Amazon as an Affiliate.  In total I made over $100.00 include a few dollars from Adsense.

My goal is to get my traffic up to over 25,000 a month and by this projection if I do this, my blog income will grow to $2,500/mo.!  Not bad!!!!

My Conclusion is that Pinterest Marketing Works!

If you guys could only see me over here smiling.  I am totally geeked out.  There is nothing like working hard at something and seeing the fruits of your labor. Or performing your own case study and being completely blown away by the results.  No. I didn’t make a million dollars.  No I didn’t have a super over the top website launch.  And that’s because I don’t have money for ads, but I have a little time, a lot of passion and a sick work ethic.

And what I received was honest results from hard work.  I didn’t buy not one ad or spend a dime paying a virtual assistant.  But I did reverse engineered the success strategy of some pretty popular Pinterest pages.  My main tool for pinning has been Tailwind. Plus I started a new diet that I thought would be a pretty cool niche and created a website about it.  I lost almost 20lbs and I am still working on the last 25lbs.  And that’s been hard too because I sit on my butt a lot working on my laptop.

What’s been cool about this journey and this particular case study is the fact that I have been documenting it and sharing it with others via blog posts like this and my Pinterest Marketing Webinar.  (Catch the replay below)

What’s Next As It Relates to Marketing on Pinterest?

I am going to continue to market and promote on Pinterest.  I have joined a couple of Pinterest FB groups (which is interesting) and I am learning more about the platform. Diversifying my traffic will also be a priority as I will begin promoting my content on my other social media websites.  I am also going to seek to grow my income by creating a few courses related to Keto.  Based upon my top pages, I appeared to have stumbled upon a two significant problems that can solve with either by creating e-books or mini-courses to increase my income from the website.  I may even create my own Pinterest Marketing course by the end of the year.

Whatever I decide to do, just know that I will keep you in the loop.

Have you enjoyed this personal case study?  Have you learned anything?  Please do leave a comment below to share your thoughts.




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