The Fresh Start Business Grant is a grant that is was started by Incfile some years ago for aspiring entrepreneurs.  Incfile is a company that provides business formation services, helping individuals and businesses establish legal entities such as LLCs (Limited Liability Companies) and corporations. They assist with the paperwork and filing requirements involved in the process of starting a business. New dates are coming soon, so check their website by clicking here.

Incfile is now known as Bizee.  After 20 years of doing business, they decided to come out with a new name. is a platform dedicated to facilitating and empowering entrepreneurs on their business journey. Specializing in business formation services, assists individuals and businesses in the process of establishing legal entities such as LLCs and corporations. The platform streamlines complex paperwork and filing requirements, making it easier for entrepreneurs to navigate the intricacies of starting a business.

About the Fresh Start Business Grant

Bizee created the Fresh Start Business Grant for entrepreneurs who are just starting out or starting over.  Entrepreneurs can receive $2,500 for their business.  The grant presents a valuable opportunity for entrepreneurs to receive financial support without the burden of repayment.

The business grant winners have the opportunity to win Bizee’s Gold Plan, which allows winners the opportunity to start their business with them, which means getting your LLC or corporation formed the right way.  Plus they also will receive the grant of $2,500.

To apply to the grant all you have to do is complete an online application, create a 2 minute video of yourself stating how entrepreneurship will change your life and a sample business plan.

To qualify for the grant you must be 21 years or older, a United States resident and planning to start a business or grow a business in a significant way.

The Difference Between a Grant and a Loan

A grant is a form of financial aid that is typically awarded by a government agency, foundation, or organization. It is provided with the intention of supporting a specific project, initiative, or individual without the requirement for repayment. Grants are often given for educational, research, community development, or nonprofit activities.

Grants do not need to be repaid. Recipients receive the funds as a gift, and there is no obligation to return the money. However, the recipient may be required to meet certain conditions or use the funds for specific purposes outlined in the grant agreement.

Eligibility for grants varies based on the specific criteria set by the grant provider. Criteria may include factors such as financial need, project goals, or the type of organization applying.

A loan, on the other hand, is a sum of money that is borrowed from a lender, such as a bank, with the understanding that it will be repaid, usually with interest. Loans can be used for a variety of purposes, including personal expenses, home purchase, education, or starting a business.

Loans must be repaid according to the terms agreed upon between the borrower and the lender. Repayment typically includes both the principal amount borrowed and any interest accrued over the loan period.

Eligibility for loans depends on factors such as creditworthiness, income, and the borrower’s ability to repay the loan. Lenders may conduct credit checks and assess the borrower’s financial situation before approving a loan.

The Fresh Start Grant from presents a valuable opportunity for entrepreneurs to receive financial support without the burden of repayment, which makes it perfect for new entrepreneurs.  Check their website often to find out when the grant will open up again.  Become a member of the Network for Women in Business and stay up-to-date on new and future grants.

Have you ever applied for a grant before? Tell us about your experience.  We would love to hear your story and share it with our audience.