To fully understand how critical it is to to have a customer’s email address, I only have one question to ask and that is, when your business shut down during the pandemic, how did you communicate with your customers?  If you found yourself caught with your pants down and having no ability to contact your ideal customers because you never took the time to build an email list then now you understand the importance of having one.

Now that you know how critical it is build a list, the next question is what are you going to do about it going forward?

It’s True…The money is in the list

You’ve probably heard this statement time and time again and never understood it. But in the NEW economy learning how build and nurture leads is imperative for sustainability and longevity. Things have changed in the world if you never took it seriously before, then now is the time to do so. Visit for more information on web design for your business.

Did you know that one email marketing delivers a high return on investment? 

For every $1 you spend on email marketing you can get a $42 ROI.  Imagine the possibilities…if you had just taken the time to build your list, you can send one email advertising a sale, new product or service and possibly generate revenue while you sleep.

Here’s the good news…There is still time to begin.  There are some basic elements fundamental to building an email and list.  The first question you have to ask yourself is…

What can you give away in exchange for an email address and phone number?  This is what we call a Lead Magnet.  They call it that because it is designed to attract your ideal customers.

A Lead Magnet follow the 3 C’s and they are:

  1. Consumable – Your lead magnet or give-a-way must be easy for your customers to consume. You don’t want to make your freebie long, but you do want to make it short and easy to give your ideal customer an idea that you know what you’re talking about. Something like a checklist or a short guide will do.
  2. Connect – Your lead magnet should also connect to a bigger offer. For example, if you are selling a cook book, your lead magnet might give-a-way a FREE recipe.  Also, if you are a personal trainer and selling workout sessions, your freebie might be a free guide to shrinking belly fat.  You get the idea?
  3. Clear Title With a Clear Message – The title of your lead magnet should immediately let your potential customers know what they will receive. There is nothing more frustrating to a potential customer than getting a free guide and finding out it doesn’t deliver on the title.

For a complete list of 25 High Value Lead Magnet Ideas…Click here.

Once you develop your lead magnet you must find a place to host it for digital delivery.  And for that you have several options.  You can try wordpress hosting your lead magnet on your website or using some form of cloud based digital delivery like Amazon S3.

Once you have all of that in place you will want to create 2 very important webpages and they are your Landing Page/Squeeze Page (where you will promote the lead magnet in exchange for an email address) and your Thank you page (where you will deliver the lead magnet digitally and tell more about yourself and what you have to offer) – You may also want to offer an upsell to a paid product.  If you don’t have a website to host these pages, I HIGHLY recommend Leadpages.  They’re hands down one of the best in the industry.

Email Marketing Software is another important Piece to the Puzzle

Another thing you will need to have is a professional Email Service Provider(ESP).  I like to use Aweber.  It is my favorite go to ESP.  And now they’re offering a FREE version for up to 500 subscribers and a low low monthly price of less than $19/mo for UNLIMITED subscribers.  You can check out Aweber by clicking here.

Now that you have a customer’s email address and a phone number, you may be wondering…what’s next?

The Nurture Sequence to Engage with Your Audience

This is where things get fun.  The email nurture sequence is where you allow your potential customers the opportunity to get to know you and to understand what you stand for and why they should choose you and your products.

Here is what you should share in your emails to your customer’s email addresses:

  1. Share your story. Let your customers know who you are and why they should work with you.  Give them a valid reason why they should work with you or buy from you.  Share your success.  Share your failures.  Let them know that you fully understand their problem and have tried and true solution to it.
  2. Share testimonies. There is nothing better than sharing the testimonies of those that have worked with you and have achieved success.  If you have customers that have tried your method and achieved success, then share their stories as well as your own.
  3. FOMO or Fear of Missing Out. Let your potential customers know what they will miss when they do not work with you. Remind them of the pains and struggles that they will continue to endure if they don’t say yes.
  4. More FREE Training. If there is one thing that you can never do enough of that is share more value. Give them more of what they came to you for.  This will keep them opening your emails.

Remember…your nurture sequence is not a bunch of random emails that you send out periodically.  Your nurture sequence should definitely have a flow.  They should be sent at a specific time and in a specific order. If your client has some queries that need to be address quickly, a well-experienced virtual receptionist can answer for you.

If you’ve ever worried about what to say in your emails…well that worry ends soon.  In my next blog post I will discuss, exactly how to engage your email list.  To make sure that you don’t miss it… Click here to subscribe







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