Being a wife, mom and business woman myself, I can certainly understand the pressures of getting everything done.  I mean if there is one thing that is clear to me, it is that women are totally strong and can do multiple things at a time. Women run the world.  They control 80% of the buying decisions of most households and in many of these households they’re the primary bread winners.  Yes. We do run the world, but we also have to make sure that we don’t run ourselves ragged doing it. Let’s face it, Superwoman is a myth – and so is Superman.  The sooner we come to this reality the better off we will be.  And once we come to this realization, we can stop penalizing ourselves for not doing all the things on our to do list.

I’ve met  so many moms who work all day during the week and then  spend ALL of their spare time running around with their kids.  You can’t have a conversation with them without their children being the main topic of discussion.  The conversation becomes about a laundry list of activities for the kids.  Half of the activities the kids don’t even care to participate in, but the moms force them to participate in.  I think it’s important to have your kids involved in different activities.  But I also think that it’s important to take time out for yourself.  There will come a time when the kids are gone and the house is empty and you will have looked up and the best years of your life will be gone.  I believe that when that time comes every woman should be able to say that she’s lived.  And life can be fully lived as a wife, mother and businesswoman if you just pace yourself.

If you’re the triple threat (wife, mom and businesswoman), do yourself a favor and don’t keep a long to do list.  Be easy on yourself.  Keep your list of things to do down to only 5 things a day.  Or even better if you can make it only 3 things.  Keep the main thing, the main thing and do first things first.  Only do those things that are important and urgent.  You might have a lot of things to do that are important, but not urgent.  If you qualify your daily to do list using those two things as the criteria, then you will be making sure that you keep your priorities in check.

Take some time out for you.  Have a girls night out from time to time.  Go out, have a few drinks and let your hair down.  I mean as far as we know we only live once, so we might as well make the best of it.   But the one thing that I’ve found that helps to keep the balance and becomes the real key to having it all is using a CALENDAR.  Make good use of our calendar by scheduling your ME time in addition to all of the other activities that you have going on in your life.  If you do this, having it all will come easy.

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