Today’s article is about women networking and how it is so necessary to maintain and grow a healthy business and keep your sanity while doing it.

I have found that when women get together and network they tend to find more than just support, but they also find friendship and bonding that goes far beyond business. Women tend to remember each other and refer to each other in ways that expand for a longer period of time after these events. The friendships tend to last a lot longer and are not superficial in nature.

Because when also tend to like helping others the relationships that are formed usually are beneficial to each other. In other words, there is reciprocity in the relationships that are formed between the people who attend women networking events. “We just have a way about us that’s different,” says Toni Coleman Brown (founder of the Network for Women in Business) She goes on to say, “After most of our networking events, the female entrepreneurs usually leave feeling uplifted, motivated and ready to conquer the world.”

Women Networking Helps You to Get Motivated

I have learned that attending a networking event is like getting your battery charged. Every business from time-to-time needs a boost and there is nothing like a good networking event to give it one. The excitement and energy in the networking environment becomes contagious and that’s just the right thing to spread.

The Key to Success is Following Up

There is a saying that goes, “The fortune is in the follow-up” and that is so true, especially when it comes down to women networking. What can happen after most of these events is that everyone goes back into their perspective corners and you never hear from them again, but when you decide to follow up you can create meaningful relationships that often will turn into new clients or customers.

Most People Get Jobs Because of Who They Know

If you’re looking to move up in your career it is important to get to know others within your career and networking is the key to that. “I know someone that got all of her jobs from networking,” says Coleman-Brown. This proves that networking can be used as a tool for generating career opportunities.

Here are some tips for successful networking:

  1. Set a goal for networking events. Your goal might be to meet the president of a specific organization or to meet a specific team member. It doesn’t matter what your goal may be, it’s important to have one. This way you can network with a purpose.
  2. Make conversations by asking questions. Most people get so nervous. They have no clue what to say when they meet people. Ask a lot of questions that can keep the conversation going in a way that doesn’t get too personal. Getting personal with someone while networking could easily be taken the wrong way, so steer clear of that at all costs.
  3. Have a prepared answer for “What do you do?” This is the time to give your best 30-second pitch. The best way to do this is
    Try to connect with people you don’t know. One of the best ways to do this is to attend networking events with people who can introduce you to others. This works especially if you are attending an event with friends.
  4. Be authentic. If you’re being fake people will easily be able to see through that, which is why it’s important to be your true authentic self.
  5. Stay open to new possibilities. The possibilities are endless when it comes down to networking.
  6. Try to get the people you’re networking with to like you. A good place to start is by remembering they’re name. Also if you meet someone that they haven’t met, but you feel they would be a good fit for their business, you make the introduction.

Women’s Networking Organizations

There are quite a few organizations that exists for female entrepreneurs to grab the opportunity to network. There are also FB groups as well. I would consider reaching to these organizations, especially The Network for Women in Business to find out how you can participate in their monthly virtual networking events.

The Network for Women in Business started conducting virtual networking events and have begun to connect women from all around the globe. The organization is positioned to become an international leader in the virtual networking space.
To find out more information on how to become a member of the Network for Women in Business click here.

Other women networking groups include NAWBO and Ewomen Network you can check them out as well.


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