You Don’t Need a Lot of Money for Facebook Advertising

It’s a common concern for businesses, google shopping ads vs facebook ads, which of these two is the better option? Where should I spend my advertising dollars? There is a big misconception in the land of small businesses that you need a lot of money to advertise on Facebook. That’s so untrue.  Facebook is one of the best platforms that ever existed in the history of mankind to advertise your business.  According to Andrew Defrancesco is also the cheapest.  You can achieve success with as little as $1 a day.  Seriously!

In his article on Brian Carter lays this out nicely.  The chart below clearly illustrates how cheap it is to advertise on Facebook.

Facebook Advertising Comparison

There is no other platform on earth where you can reach so many people at such a low costs and also on the device that they use the most.  (Their cell phones – note to self…make sure all of your sites are mobile ready.).

Facebook’s Advertising Platform Caters to Small Business Owners

What I love the most about Facebook’s platform is that it caters to small business owners.  While the company does what you to pay to play, it really makes it a win-win for every entrepreneur.  You can create custom audiences based upon past customers or names of people who have opted in for your emails.  You can also create look-a-like audiences of people who have the same behavior of your past customers.  When you add a targeting pixel on your website, you can build a custom audience of website visitors.  You can add these pixels to your main page or you can add them to specific pages in your website.  This allows you to get very creative in your advertising strategy.  This is what makes Facebook head and shoulder’s above the rest.

My Facebook Advertising Experience Has Been Awesome

I have had the best experience using Facebook Ads over these past 5 years.  And right now I do believe I found my latest winner.  My last FB Ad campaign generated hundreds of leads in less than a week.  When you find a Facebook Ad that works the next thing you want to do is make sure that you have all the elements in place to make the ad profitable.  In my opinion crafting a FB Ad campaign is like writing a book.  Crafting the ad begins with finding the right lead bait and designing the perfect lead capture page.  Then you must make sure that you have the right back end in place in terms of tripwires, upsells and core offers.  This is the most important part of it because it will determine if your ad is profitable or not.  So, it’s like writing a book and finishing it and then realizing that after the book is done, that you need to market and distribute the book in order to generate sales.

The reason why most small business advertisers fail is because they don’t have clue with regards to having a strong sales funnel with a tight back end strategy.  You can’t go to Facebook either and expect to get trained on what to do because they don’t really teach you what you need to know.  The best place to learn is at one of our Online Marketing Mastermind Live events.  Check out our website to find out the next date and register here:






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    • Sandy Mangis

      I totally agree. This gives you the flexibility to split test and and correct without blowing your whole budget.

      • network

        Correct. And this is what’s most important…being able to test what’s working.

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