Blogging can assists small business owners in growing their business.   How?  Well first and foremost blogging helps to get you noticed.  In a sea of websites listed on the world wide web, it can be hard and sometimes almost impossible to get noticed.  But with a blog, you can not only get noticed, you can get discover by the people that you’re looking for, which is your ideal customers. This leads me to the no. 1 reason why you should blog – TRAFFIC!

Blogging Can Drive Traffic to Your Site

I don’t know any business owner who wouldn’t like to have more traffic and visitors coming to their website. The best type of blog to create in my opinion is a WORDPRESS blog.  I say this because it’s so easy to use and WordPress blogs have a lot of plugins, along with easily optimized templates that can send  you jetting up the search engines in no time flat.

So once again you might ask yourself why blog?  Well, it is a known fact that approximately 30 blog post will increase your traffic by approximately 30% and once you get to 100 blog posts, your website traffic can increase anywhere from 50-70%.  These statistics alone should be enough for anyone to consider blogging.
But before you launch into the deep with blogging there are a few things that I believe you should consider:
1.  Have a long-term strategy or plan.  Know what your ultimate goal is.  Is it to maximize certain key words or is it to increase sales?
2.  Have a basic key word plan.  Know what key words or key word phrases that you’re going after.  This makes it easier to stay on task and helps you to stay focused on the end game strategy.
3.  Remain consistent.  Once you get in the swing of blogging don’t stop.  It will help you to get to your goal faster when you keep blogging.
4.  Make each blog posts purposeful.  Monetize them if you can or find some way to add a new contact to your list or a purchase to your pocketbook.
Whatever you do, get started doing something because.  You will not regret it.  Would you like to know more about blogging?  Our training vault contacts a hosts of trainings that I have conducted, including one on How to Effectively Blog.
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