Lately it’s hard to tell who to go to for business advice. The field of experts and gurus seems so crowded.  And because most of the time you may find yourself needing help with several different things it may be hard to figure out who or what company will give you the most bang for your buck.

Because there are a myriad of things you may need to know about starting and running a small business.  You will probably need to get help from a variety of different sources.   The E-myth clearly warns small business owners that they can’t do it all.  So, they need to figure out what they need assistance with and then proceed to sort out ways in which they can find the help they need.  My advice to anyone starting out is as follows:

  1. Join a Networking Group.  Networking groups, like the Network for Women in Business can help you get educated on a lot of different business related topics.  It can also help you get in contact with the right people who can help move your business to the next level.
  2. Hire a Coach.  A business coach can help to keep you focused on the task at hand and will keep you heading along the right path that just may lead you to the success you desire.  A good coach can see things that we tend to overlook because we’re so close to the subject at hand, but they will help us to see things more rationally and with a clear and fresh point of view. You can check here if you need consulting to your secure business transactions, follow compliance, protect assets, and allow the necessary agility in the modern Digital Economy.
  3. Get a good Administrator or Virtual Administrator.  A good admin is worth their weight in gold.  They can help you stay on task, save you time and valuable resources.  A good VA will pick up the weight to free you to perform other revenue producing tasks.
  4. Find Someone Who Has Done It.  Don’t try to reinvent the wheel.  If there is someone who has already done what you’re looking to do, give them a call and ask them to mentor you through the process.
  5. Join or Create a Mastermind Group.  Mastermind groups or clubs can be invaluable for small business owners because they offer the opportunity to get peer advice and potentially get an understanding of what your customers or clients may be thinking.
  6. Google It or Youtube It.  Truth be told, the Internet has a lot of great resources for you to use when you’re starting a business.  You can find tons of things to read and great videos to watch that will help you to solve a specific business related problem.

At the end of the day, no one knows everything, so you will have to keep looking until you find the individuals or organizations that can give you the business advice that you need.  The difference between those who make it in business and those who don’t is that they don’t stop searching until they find the answers that they need to succeed.  So whatever you do, don’t stop until you win.

Toni-NewToni Coleman Brown is the Founder of the Network for Women in Business.  She is an author, small business consultant and social media strategist.  She consults with clients around the world and speaks regularly at live events, conferences, radio shows, teleclasses and on webinars and podcasts.


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