With Credi Response you can turn your Facebook comments into cash by sending a personal message to everyone that posts on your Facebook Page.

Imagine posting something on Facebook that says, “Who wants to get a FREE sample of my product?”  Type “Me” in the comments section and I will follow up.”

Then when the person types “Me” in the comments section, this is where Credi Response will take over.  The software will allow you to craft an automated response that will be delivered directly into Facebook Messenger.

Can you imagine that?

Credi Response Saves You Money On Having a Virtual Assistant

Having this piece of software will allow you to respond to that Facebook post on autopilot.  Imagine having a message that says, “Thanks for your interest in my FREE product.  Send my your full name, email and physical address and I will send that sample right out to you.”

Can you imagine looking into your Facebook Messenger and finding a ton of leads?

Well this is what will happen once people begin to respond.

Now imagine the impact of having 100% inbox delivery and 100% viewership. This is possible because you know that Facebook notifies their users anytime they receive a messenger message.

Credi Response is a Certified SAAS Facebook Solution

Credit Response is a certified Facebook Software As A Solution.  And what problem does it solve? It solves the problem of having to go in and respond to every post manually.  Imagine having a software as a solution like this during your birthday.  If you did you could automatically say “Thanks” to all those people you don’t know but still wished you HBD.

Now you can automate all of your post by sending a direct message to everyone that responds.  Sweet. Right?

Some of the things that you can do with this software solution are:

  • Tell our Fans more about your product
  • Send them to links in your website
  • Give your Fans special deals or coupons
  • Provide Fans with sales and discounts
  • Notify them about upcoming events
  • Ecommerce sales

And this is just to name a few of the things you can do with this tool.

Increased Engagement = Increased Sales

What makes this piece of software so powerful is the fact that it allows you to send personalized messages.  The ability to do this simply makes since.

Your customers will now be able to respond directly to you. This tool is for you if you have been looking for ways to automate your process.

A Demo of Credi Response

Would you like to really see how it works? Watch the video below.

Would you like to try it for yourself?

If you buy the software using my link, you will also get access to my e-book Social Media post ideas.   This will help you with trying to figure out what to post all the time.   So grab the tool and get access to my bonus product.

If you’re looking for a tool that works, then Credi Rsponse is it.

Good luck and happy posting.

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