In case you haven’t noticed, Facebook has rolled out with a new background color for post that’s just text.  If you haven’t seen it before, it looks something like this:

Facebook background color for text

Facebook Background Color for Text

Pretty soon everyone will have the ability to update their status by adding a background color to their post.  This will make the post stand out more.  It will also probably compete with a lot of other apps that allow you to jazz up your text-only posts. Facebook is notorious for taking the features of other software companies and adding them as a part of Facebook.  Software companies like Canva, probably isn’t so happy with this new move.

But I believe that Android users probably are happy because this feature rolled out on Android phones first who are now being frequently used in business thanks to the innovative Voip phone systems.  In the past most of Facebook new features roll out on iOS first.  However, this time it’s rolling on Android first.  Probably spreading the wealth.

A Facebook spokesperson said, “We’re rolling out a change to help people make their text posts more visual. Starting today, people can update the background color of their text-only posts on Android.”

Facebook’s original text-only posting has been down by 15% since 2015. And this new change is with the hopes that it will encourage more text-only updates by allow a background color to be added and making the text larger.

When it comes to Apple, it will look something like this:

However, there will always be a variety of new software and apps that will give social media advocates the ability to jazz up their online content.

When you see this feature pop up on your phone my advise is “USE IT” and why I believe you should use it is because these post stand out in your timeline (A LOT).  And that’s the name of the social media game.

But when everyone has the ability to make their text post stand out then you will have to do something extra special to make your content stand out.

I encourage everyone on Facebook to keep thinking outside of the box.  It’s hard to know what will make your content go viral.  But you can start by reviewing your insights and find the types of posts that do go viral and continue to create those types of posts.  It’s not rocket science, it’s actually history.  Just review the history of your viral content and I’m sure you will find a pattern.  Once you find the pattern, it’s all a matter of rinsing and repeating these patterns.

Becoming a person of influence and garnering a large following via social media is not as hard as you may think when you’re being intentional.  A review of your insights can make you extremely intentional and a smart poster.  Go far it!


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