Individuals with INFP personality traits are very effective in business and in life.  The last time I took a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator exam I was declared an INFP and was shocked.  The (I) represents Introversion, the (N) represents Intuition, the (F) represents Feeling and the (P) represents Perception.  I wasn’t as shocked about the NFP as I was about the (I) because I always thought I was an extrovert, but I was so wrong.  Extroverts fill up when around people. Introverts need to go to a quiet place to fill up and that’s to me.

What is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator?

Based upon the work done by Katherine Briggs and Isabel Myers Briggs this personality inventory comes together in an assessment designed to provide insights with regards to the way people perceive the world.  Based upon these perceptions you can determine the overall personality of individuals.  MBTI can assist individuals in determining their career choices.  It also improves their overall relationships.  You can learn more about the MBTI instrument by clicking here.

The Best INFP Personality Traits

INFP’s strengths are that they’re caring people who are genuinely concerned with others. These types of personalities fill up when they are in quiet spaces. They do not like to have their spaces or territories invaded. They’re known as mediators because they like to keep the peace.

The Worst INFP Personality Traits

Some people may look at this as weaknesses, however these are just the other side of their personalities.  While great people, INFP’s can be perfectionists to a fault and often cannot see the true value of their contributions.  This will often cause them to not take enough credit for the work that they do.  They also hate conflict and will avoid it at all costs.  And because they care so much, they often can respond very emotionally to situations in which they have conflict or do not agree. In business, it is hard for the INFP’s to have a poker face.  They also find it hard to deliver bad news as it relates to business. This is why businesses invest in conflict resolution training to increase efficiency through healthy team dynamics among its employees.

INFP Celebrities

There are lots of INFP celebrities and what you will notice about them is that they are all pretty creative. Each of them fully live up to the characterization of INFP’s poetic and good, kind people who are willing to do just about anything for a good cause.  Many INFP celebrities are historic writers like J.K. Rowling, Tolkien, George Orwell and Edgar Allen Poe.  It’s no surprise that they were able to let their imaginations run wild in the works created by each of them.

Other INFP Celebrities include Donna Reed, Dick Clark, John Lennon, and Neil Diamond.  These are all singers and actors, which provides even more strength to the argument that creativity reigns under this personality classification of Myers-Briggs.

INFP’s thrive in creative environments.  Any business field that allow them to utilize their creativity or allows them to help others will suite them well.  In the business world they make great trainers, facilitators, and directors of programs that assist others, such as student programs, mentoring programs, etc.  This personality type is also good for social media marketers.

Nevertheless, when exploring the different personality types it is important to remember that this is only one aspect of your journey towards personal growth and development.  It is a lifetime journey of exploration.  Never stop learning and growing.

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