Mynesha J. Rogers – Rogers Admin Consultancy

Tell the world about your business

My business offers administrative consulting to churches that do not have a sufficient administrative structure or support. We also offer leadership trainings, teaching the C.E.O. Method of leadership, to develop the leaders of the church.

Why did you start your business?

I saw the need to share with churches what I learned from my corporate experience, of over 17 years, as an Executive Administrative Assistant and Office Manager. Many were complaining about the unprofessionalism and inconsistencies that they were experiencing in their church, so I realized that there was a need for some churches to raise their standard administratively. I want to see our places of worship thrive and maintain an atmosphere where people can receive the healing they seek without being deterred by inefficient administration.

What do you love about your business?

Being that I am a woman of faith and an ordained minister, I love the fact that I can use my administrative gift to support the institution of the church. I’m able to share and teach a valuable skillset which I enjoy because I want to see others succeed.

What were some of your biggest business challenges and how did you overcome them?

My biggest challenge was figuring out how to proceed with the business within this pandemic being that my in-person work was halted. I stepped out on faith, by the urging of my business coach 🙂 (Toni Coleman Brown) and shifted to virtual trainings. So I overcame this challenge by being open to shift.

What advice would you give others in your industry?

Seek creative ways to administer your services so that you’re able to shift when circumstances change.

My favorite business tools are_____

My appointment scheduler, my laptop, and for marketing the social media Live broadcasting tool.

What were some of your first steps to success?

Moving forward without having everything that I think I need and investing in receiving coaching.

The biggest success I ever had was when I _____

Putting together my first virtual training in a short period of time. I had no time to think myself out of doing it.

I believe that success is based on _________

Faith with action. You have to believe in can be done and then start somewhere.

The secret to my success is_________

Putting my trust in God and making time to develop my craft.

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