You may have noticed that for the past couple of years Pepsi has forgone it’s normal Superbowl advertising to appeal to social media.  Why is this interesting and why it should be of interest to you as a small business is simple – it confirms the power of social media.

In today’s market place, the customer rules.  The consumer has the power to make you or break you.  Smart business owners are using this as a strategy to bring themselves closer to their target market.  So, instead of spending millions of dollars on Superbowl advertising, Pepsi launched it’s Pepsi Refresh Project, which is a collaboration between PepsiCo and a non-profit/charitable organization that awards grant money to community projects that are chosen by consumers.

Pepsi Refresh Project Demonstrates the Power of Social Media

Instead of us watching the likes of Beyonce guzzle down a can of Pepsi, in 2010 we were greeted with the opportunity to submit ideas to receive grant money to help out our communities.  This is an example of “cause marketing” and this type of marketing goes far with the average consumer.  The way the Refresh project worked, it allowed consumers to submit ideas and the first 1,000 ideas were accepted and people had the opportunity to vote on these ideas.  Pepsi’s campaign received 0ver 80 million votes.  To put this in perspective, this is more votes than President Barack Obama received during both of his presidential elections.  Yes.  I would say that this campaign was a success.

The Refresh project confirms that traditional advertising is no longer working with today’s consumers.  And many are trying to find the Best Ways to Promote Onlyfans, as winning the consumers in the future can be even more challenging.  As the kids of today know more about navigating iPhones and iPads than they know about traditional education such as learning the names of different objects or learning their abc’s.

The challenge of the traditional business owner is to find that thing that is cutting edge and non-traditional and bring it to the market place in a way that’s honest and upfront with the consumer in the forefront.  Because information is moving so swift and so fast what today’s consumer has is a lack of patience.  Not only that, but consumers aren’t interested in marketing messages that are overly complicated.  They want things easy, quick and not too salesy.

While all of this maybe true, it is also true that the small business owner have the same advantage as the large business owner when it comes down to marketing and advertising because social media has leveled the playing fiel.  Today you can build your own Superbowl size audience the same way that Pepsi or Beyonce can.  It make take you some time to accomplish this, but at the end of the day it will be worth it.

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