According to Gallup Research only 15% of workers worldwide feel engaged.  This is the reason why it’s so important to recognize employees. Coming up with employee award names and categories can be challenging.  That’s why we created this list.  A workforce filled with disengaged employees costs the agency money. A disengaged workforce means low productivity, high absenteeism, and poor company culture.  This often filters into poor customer satisfaction.

Getting Started Employee Award Names

Getting started awards are good for employees who just arrive or for individuals who may have just joined your team and have taken all the right first steps.  Here are recognition award names that could correlate with this category of “Getting Started”:

Rookie of the Year

Fast Start Star

Shining Star

Early Adaptor

Fast Adaptor

Newbie of the Week

Newbie of the Year

Neophyte of the Week/Year

Rising Star

The Great Beginnings Award

It’s always important to invest in a new employee/recruit’s success because it costs a lot to on-board new people and those expenses are lost when new people leave.  Retention is an excellent measure of employee engagement.  While people stay at companies for various reasons, excellent engagement and a great corporate culture is one of them.

Length of Service Award Names

Speaking of retention…length of service awards are an excellent way to recognize employees. Naming these awards something other than a number can be tricky.  But here are some ideas:

Thrived in Five” (Recognizing those with 5 years of service) or the Saphire awards because it is the stone for a 5 year anniversary

Win in 10”  (Recognizing those with 10 years of service) or the Diamond awards because diamond is the stone for a 10 year anniversary

Seen in 15” (Recognizing those with 15 years of service)  or The Garnets because it is the stone for a 15 year anniversary or you could use the flower which Rose and call it the Rose Awards.

The Yellow Diamonds could be used to recognize those with 20 years of service because it is the stone for a 20 year anniversary

The Silver Star Awards could be used to recognize those with 25 years of service because it is the stone for a 25 year anniversary

You could use the Pearl Awards for those with 30 years of service.

Emerald Awards could be used for those with 35 years of service.

Ruby Red Awards could be used for those with 40 years of service.

Team Spirit Award Names

Sometimes there are individuals that always go above and beyond to support and motivate others.  These types of individuals are just those that you always want in your business unit and on your team.  Here are some names for these types of awards.

Esprit De Corp  (This means spirit of the team)

The Semper Fi  (This means always faithful)

You Make a Difference

The Gratitude Award

Helping Hands

High Five

The Fist Bump Award

The Extra Mile

Safety Award Names

When working in environments where people can get hurt, it’s always important to recognize safety.  Here are some great names for safety awards:

Maximum Caution

Safety First

Best in Class Safety Performance

Blue Ribbon Safety

Excellence in Safety

Eyes on Safety

First Class Safety

Everyday Hero Award

My Brother’s Keeper

Leadership Award Names

Leadership awards are normally given to individuals who show outstanding traits and they’re usually the highest level of accomplishment in organizations. And here are some cool names for these types of awards:

Living to Your Potential

The President’s Club

The Leadership Circle

Hall of Fame

Executive Club

Platinum Leaders Club

Circle of Excellence

Outstanding Leadership

Gold Medal Standard of Excellence

Circle of Champions

Customer Service Award Names

Five Star Client Services

Five Star Customer Service Award

Best in Class Customer Service Award

Excellence in Service

Excellence in Customer Satisfaction

Customer Values

Customer Care

Happy Face

Customer Engagement

Outstanding Customer Service

Honorable Customer Service

Customer First

Top Performance Award Names

Top Dawg or Dog

Top Gun Award

Best Performance

Excellent Performance

Over the Top

Best in Class Peformance

Circles Above the Rest

Super Star

Master Performance

Standing Ovation

Gold Medal of Excellence

Attendance Award Names

Showed Up and Showed Out

Count You In

Never Miss a Beat

Consistently Present

No Missed Opportunities

Aced Attendance

Always Marked Present

We See You Here

Perfectly Present

Retirement Award Names

Passing the Baton

The Final Act

The Grand Finale

Lights Out

Just Past the Exit Sign

The Final Call

The Last Train

Final Tour of Duty

Dedicated Service

Engage Your Employees and Teams Or Die

According to Gallup an engaged employee base can increase profitability by as much as 21%, which is nothing to sneeze at.  In today’s environment a bad reputation can travel at the speed of light.  Also, with companies like the Glassdoor, your employees can really hammer your reputation making it difficult for you to attract talent.  When employees are engaged there is also a 41% reduction in absenteeism and a 17% increase in productivity.

There is only but so far a company can go without engaging its employees before it reaches its tipping point.  It is always our prayer that they get it together before the inevitable occurs.

How does your company engages employees?  Or how do you engage your team?  Please leave a comment in the comments section below.

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