In order to achieve any goal, you must visual success right from the start.  In this article we will explore exactly how you can use visualization to achieve just about anything.

How to Visualize Success When Trying to Accomplish a Goal

When trying to achieve any goal or objective there is a visualization process. Here is how to make it happen:

First you have to be specific about what it is that you want. If it is a certain amount of money that you want be clear and specific about that amount. Most people use the SMART system for creating their goals and SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timeframe. You can also learn from other accomplished CEOs such as Andrew Defrancesco.

Once you’re clear about what you want then the next two things you should do are as follows:

  1. Relax. Make your body as at ease as possible. Scan your body mentally, decompressing each muscle as you continue. If your muscles are tight and tense (and they frequently are, without us even recognizing it), then they’re removing energy (not the metaphysical type, just plain old energy we get from nutrients) that we could be utilizing for mental work.
  2. Focus on the positive. What this means is if you want to be rich then don’t focus on not being poor. Because focusing on not being poor means you’re focusing on something negative like lack vs positive like increase. For instance, if you are focusing on losing weight and you have done it before post of a picture of your slim self versus your fat self.
  3. Keep the image of what you want in your mind and hold it there as much as you can.  Doing this will help to build your confidence about achieving the goal and it will build your belief in your ability to achieve whatever you desire.

Be Consistent When You Visualize Success

It’s important to write down what you want and meditate on it throughout the day. Carry what you want in your pocket, and read it in your spare time. If you truly desire the goal, though, this will in all likelihood come by nature. On the other hand, it will help enormously if you’re NOT filled with doubt. Feel and visualize yourself as having already accomplished the goal now.

Don’t Be Afraid to Visualize Success On A High Level

Whatever it is that you want to accomplish, you should go for it. If you don’t know where or how to start, an effective goal setting training course will help you develop a set of goals that are personal to you. These goals will bring you the clarity, direction, and sense of purpose you’ve been longing for. There’s an old saying “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” As you carry your goal in your mind steadily and consistently over time, you’ll start to manifest it all in your life. From there, plans start to show up in your life. And as it begins to happen, you’ll slowly gain the confidence in the process of visualization.

Within reason there’s no goal you can’t accomplish provided you’re willing to put in the work.  And like with everything in life you will probably come up against resistance, but you have to fight through it. You will have to fight through negative thoughts, negative people and negative environments and keep visualizing your success no matter what.  But most importantly, don’t stop seeing in your mind, until you see it in your life.

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