We are pleased to announce a new aspect of the Network called Wellness for Entrepreneurs.  This represents a new information and training segment for entrepreneurs.

Most entrepreneurs will spend upwards of 12 hours a day working on their business, leaving little time for eating right and exercise. This often will result in a loss of productivity and even sickness.  When at the end of the day, a business owner’s health is their wealth.  It doesn’t make sense to work hard if you’re not in good enough health to enjoy your hard work. Therefore, what this segment of our website will do is teach small business owners what they can do to stay healthy and well.

In this first segment of Wellness for Entrepreneurs we would like to highlight Rejuvenetics and their product called Limuplex.

Back in April of this year, Toni Coleman Brown (the Network founder) had major surgery.  Just about a week after surgery Toni began to take Limuplex.  Within 3 days she began to notice a difference in her recovery.  By week 2 she began to feel like herself again.  She was amazed at her results she decided to start this aspect of the Network to help other entrepreneurs who are seeking a solution to optimal health and longevity.

The Rejuvenetics® brand was created to introduce revolutionary rejuvenation breakthroughs to the market place. Their product lines have been innovated, developed, and maintained to the most rigorous of standards over the past three decades with one critical goal in mind – to promote mens and womens health and longevity, using the best of Science and Nature.

Each product is specifically designed to incorporate the latest research to support health and wellness with emphasis on anti-aging, immunity, improved performance, cardiovascular wellness, greater well-being, more youthful skin, and significant increases in energy.

The Rejuvenetics Limuplex Product

Limuplex is a whole food complex with powerful phytonutrients can help support the major body systems: immune, cardiovascular, endocrine, neurological, intestinal, and muscular-skeletal. Since our systems are inter-dependent, the adverse health of one system can negatively affect the others. By providing the key nutrients that balance and support the major systems, your body has the tools for optimal health.  Check out this video which explains everything about Limuplex.

Just in case you might be thinking of trying Limuplex which we encourage all business owners to add this to their daily routine, you can buy it by clicking here.

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