Life lessons from successful female entrepreneurs are shared below.  After browsing through the Forbes list of the World’s Richest Self Made Women, I paused to take note of some very important lessons.

Lesson #1 – Age Doesn’t Matter

I was shocked and nearly fell off my seat when I discovered that Kylie Jenner is almost a Billionaire.  Her sales from her cosmetics line are staggering.  And she totally knocked her sister off her square.  According to the list her net worth is almost $1 billion, which was just about 3 times that of her sister Kim Kardashian West.  To think that a lot of this came about from her leveraging the social media app Snap Chat.  It’s just mind blowing.  So listen up Mom and Dad, let the kids Snap okay.

Lesson #2 – Follow Your Passion

There are so many success stories about women entrepreneurs who were fed up with their day job and quit to pursue their passion.  The one story that comes to mind is the story of Huda Kattan, who quit her job in finance to become a make-up artist.  She started blogging and ended up having one of the most successful beauty blogs on the Internet.

I believe to this day that one of the biggest complaints I had to overcome in life was the harsh words that my parents gave me when I was child.  Because of their limited knowledge and beliefs they made me feel as if there were only a limited amount of jobs, when in fact jobs are everywhere. And they told me that I only had two choices when I graduated high school and they were to go to school or to go to work.  They also told me that I’d better have a job when I graduated.

I still live with the fear and panic that these words have caused.  Even while I pursue great things and live what appear to be a fearless life, I often quietly struggle with an immense fear of failure and a desire to always play it safe.  I’ve discovered that playing it safe doesn’t get you anywhere in life. You must believe in yourself and believe in your passions.  I’ve learned that we all have what we need to win, we just have to tap into it.

Lesson #3 – Successful Female Entrepreneurs Know That There Is No Such Thing As Failure

One of the motto’s that I’ve adopted is basically a quote from Nelson Mandela and it says that in life you’re either winning or learning, but never losing.  All so-called failures are nothing but life lessons.  Life is a test.  But not the kind of test where you pass or fail.  It is the type of test that allows you to be a testimony for others.

Lesson #4 – Life Doesn’t Happen To You It Happens For You

Many of us think that we are victims when bad things in life happen. But life happens. And that’s it. There is nothing we can do about it. I believe it was Charles Swindoll who said that life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we respond to it.  And there it is.  It’s not about what happens at all, it’s about how you respond.  Always remember to respond with poise and grace.  That’s what real women do.

Lesson #5 – You Can’t Success Alone, You Need a Team

After looking over the Forbes list there is one thing that is clear.  No one achieves success alone.  You can make it on your own to a certain point. But after that you will have to get help.  Successful female entrepreneurs generally start with a small team and then build up to more people so they can scale their business.

Lesson #6 – A Good Partner Can Help You Reach Your Goals Faster

Rodan and Fields are the perfect example of a partnership done right. Who says two successful female entrepreneurs can’t become good business partners.  All women are not bitches.  We can get along and work together to make great things happen.  These two women did it right and fast.

Lesson #7 – Never Give Up

On your journey in life you will probably want to quit at least one time every day. But you can’t. When you understand that your life doesn’t truly belong to you then it becomes easier for you to handle life’s challenges. When you tell your stories to others, you realize that your life is meant to serve others. And your story matters.  So don’t give up. Never give up.

 What lessons have you learned from successful female entrepreneurs? Leave yours in the comments section below. 

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