Today, more than ever, women in business need to make the most of their online connections. The global pandemic has fast-tracked businesses into the digital age – and virtual space as well.

Networking opens opportunities for growth and success, and many female founders are reaching out and nurturing online relationships with other professionals.

Here are some tips on how you can make virtual networking work for you:

Use your resources when networking with women in business

If you are worried that you don’t know anyone who can help your business branch out, well, worry no more. Chances are you are sitting on a gold mine of potential contacts and don’t know it.

You should start off by working with what you have. Use your resources (your current Facebook friends or LinkedIn contacts) to start. Immediately you will see who knows who.

Put your best foot forward

If you are already part of an online group or community such as Facebook or Linkedin groups and more, don’t be a lurker. Put your best foot forward and take an active part in the group.

Post or share articles, join in on conversations, comment on other posts and more. Of course, make sure you don’t rock the boat too much. Stay away from highly controversial topics so as not to offend and not get offended as well.

The more you participate in the community, the more you will be recognized as an authority figure. Also, if you are polite and ensure that the content you post and comments you make are relevant, they will come to respect you as well.

Women in business need to build their brands

Remember, with virtual communities like Hopin, other members on the platform and your potential new connections won’t see you face to face, live and in action when you’re not using the platform or attending an event. So take some time to set up your Hopin profile. Keep it relevant and update your details regularly.

A professional photo always seems to go a long way in showing the world who you are, what you’ve accomplished and all you are capable of doing as a female entrepreneur.

And don’t be shy about ringing your own bell! If you have some accomplishment that you are proud of, let your new online connections know about it.

Give a helping hand

If possible, help those in your network who might benefit from your expertise.

Share your past – relevant – experiences, refer someone to help your new connection or simply show your support and encouragement.

It’s another way to make meaningful connections, and you’ll be remembered as someone who cares.

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