Facebook Page Post advertising has been working wonders for the Network for Women in Business. We have used it effectively to add more names to our mailing list and we have had more people sign up for our training events. Advertising our page post to our existing fan base has allowed us to reach more of our Fans that normally would not have seen our posts. ­­­

A lot of people may not realize this but, most people that click “like” on your Facebook Fan Page and never return back to the page. It almost makes you wonder, why even build a Facebook fan base at all. Well, it is extremely important to build a social media base of fans and followers because eventually via your engagement and advertising efforts you will be able to move those fans from the fan pages of social media onto your lists and into your pocketbook. It doesn’t typically happen overnight, but Facebook Page Post advertising is making this transition happen faster than ever before.

Page Posts Ads in the News Feeds

Page Post Ads typically go right into the News Feed and that’s what you want because News Feed Ads tend to have higher click through rates versus those ads that appear along the right side of your page. Right side ads do work, but not as well as News Feed ads.

When creating Facebook ads there are a few things you should remember and they are as follows:

1. Video converts better than pictures. So if at all possible promote a video.

2. When you generate leads from Facebook send them to the top of your sales funnel, which typically means a FREE or low costs item.

3. Once you have the lead on your list then you can begin to drizzle your content on them and develop a relationship to pull them deeper into your funnel.

4. Use FB insights to determine when most of your fans are online and then schedule most of your posts during that time.

So what’s the whole point of building a huge fan base. Well, you build the large fan base and then create ads to advertise directly to your fan base because these ads will cost you on average .10 to .15 cents per lead, which is a whole lot cheaper than you would normally pay. Ask yourself? How much is a lead worth to you and then create your plans accordingly.

There is so much to discover as it relates to FB advertising. Discover more in our Our Facebook Strategy E-Book.

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