The correct marketing efforts can increase awareness for your brand and help reach target customers efficiently. However, even with the best-laid plans, marketing mistakes can still happen.

What are some of the common marketing mistakes made by women in business?

Identifying these mistakes are the first step to turn things around.

Mistake #1 – Not building a list

If I had it to do all over again I would do something to add new subscribers to my list on a daily basis. Those who didn’t have a list during the pandemic suffered immensely.  Don’t get caught out there, build your list.  Learn more about list building here.

Mistake #2 – Focusing only on new customers.

Marketing efforts should also include old or previous customers. Repeat business can also bring in sales. There is no need to spend too much time and marketing efforts to convince them to purchase from you since they have trusted you in the past. Dedicate some of your marketing efforts to capturing repeat buyers – and not just acquiring new ones.

Mistake #3 – Ignoring new industry trends.

Be open-minded and keep updated with what’s new in your industry. The global market – and your local one as well – is constantly changing and changing fast. Be aware of these changes, so you don’t get left behind. Keeping up with industry trends is also a great way to plan for the future growth and success of your business.

Social media is a great marketing tool. However, many women in business don’t know how to harness its full potential. Social media marketing is more than just posting every day or getting many likes. Get tips here on how to grow your business by promoting it on social media.

Mistake #5 – Not tracking your results.

Planning and implementing marketing efforts is excellent, but it should not end there. You need to track your goals, conversions, funds spent and overall results – both good and bad. Tracking helps identify what works and what does not. Not tracking results wastes your marketing budget. You won’t learn anything and won’t be able to improve future efforts.

The biggest marketing mistake by women in business:

And finally, the worse offense is not having a marketing plan at all!

Every female business owner needs to create an achievable marketing plan that is clear, comprehensive and realistic. State your marketing goals, identify the steps and tactics you’ll use, plan your budget and set a timeline to increase your chances for success.

Marketing is a vital and dynamic component for every business.

It also helps to have a network of other female entrepreneurs who will share their own experiences and marketing best practices.

Consider joining The Network for Women in Business, where you can get marketing tips and training from fellow female founders to grow your business.

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